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Compliance with the Institute’s Statute, Bye-Laws, Regulations AND THE CODE OF ETHICS

Meet the obligations set by the Statute, Bye-Laws, Regulations and the Code of Ethics. 

Provision of up-to-date INFORMATION

Keep your account details up-to-date most importantly your contact and employment details.

SETTLEMENT OF THE subscription fee

Renew your annual subscription fee by the 31 of January of each year.

fulfilling the CPE  obligations

Meet your CPE obligations and submit the online CPE Declaration by the 31 of January of each year as stipulated in the MIA CPE Regulations.


Keep yourself updated with all correspondence issued by the Institute including communications pertaining to CPE activities.


Contact Us

Suite 4, Level 1, Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar, BKR 4013, Malta 

E-mail: info@miamalta.org

Tel. +356 2258 1900

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