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M2013 - Valuation implications in current Covid-19 scenario (Online)

  • 6 May 2020
  • 15:00 - 18:15
  • Online Webinar


Registration Time: 14:45
Session Time: 15:00 - 18.15 including a 15-minute break
Speaker: Mr Chris Meilak
Venue: Online Webinar
Participation Fees (The Institute is now accepting payments via Paypal)
MIA Members: €40.00
Non-MIA Members: €75.00
Retired Members: €20.00
Students: €30.00

Background Information

This webinar replaces the previous event titled “Top 5 common pitfalls in a valuation”, and will focus specifically on emerging valuation considerations in the current Covid-19 scenario. While valuation exercises remain a key discipline in business studies and practice, there are clear challenges being faced by various business lines, from businesses looking at redefining their business model, to auditors looking at impairment exercises, to tax authorities and other professionals. Valuation exercises will remain critical to decision-making and planning, including in the current trying environment.

Objectives of this session

The session’s objective is to discuss and attempt to provide options for answering questions related to a typical valuation exercise, including questions related to discount rates, impairment exercises and . Some of these considerations also stem from an understanding of the economic implications, under various timing scenarios. 

Topics on the agenda

Economic story and capital agenda
Economic implications of Covid-19 situation, under different scenarios
Valuation challenges
- Pre-1 Jan 2020 vs Post-1 Jan 2020
- Financial projections and PFI
- Discount rates
- Market multiples
- Market capitalisation reconciliation
- Financial planning (short-term cash management)
- Double counting of impacts
- Quality and risk management
Any opportunities?

Target audience

This seminar is relevant for all professionals, government officials and private sector officials, students and anyone having an interest in understanding likely impacts on valuation exercises. It is relevant for both Preparers and Reviews/ Users of valuation exercises.

Speaker’s profile

Chris Meilak is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist and Executive Director at EY Malta, leading the Valuation, Modeling and Economics sub-service line in Malta.
Chris joined EY in 2006 and has carried out and managed (or taken a review role in) a number of valuation exercises in various sectors. Chris holds an MA in Economics and the ACCA degree.


3 Hours Core


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