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Revised Accreditation Rules for Face-to-Face Courses

17 Apr 2020 12:40 | Anonymous
As the approved accountancy body, the MIA is delegated a number of tasks by the Accountancy Board. This include accreditation of CPE Activities as stipulated in Directive 1 issued in terms of the Accountancy Profession Act.
Course providers offering courses which are relevant to the accountancy profession can accredit their courses with the MIA. Accreditation is normally sought by the course provider as a marketing tool to promote the event amongst MIA members and warrant holders. On the other hand, participating/attending accredited courses provides the peace of mind that the course applies for CPE purposes.
The MIA has liaised with the Accountancy Board to revise the Accreditation Rules of face-to-face courses. Such Rules have been approved by the Board on 15 April 2020.  
Earlier on this month, the Board approved a set of new temporary rules pertaining to online courses in light of the Covid-19 outbreak. The MIA has worked closely with the Board in this regard for the benefit of both members and course providers. Such Rules can be accessed via the following link.



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