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I Choose – Nagħżel il-Karriera Tiegħi Post-Secondary Education Fair, 19th & 20th July 2019

1 Aug 2019 10:00 | Deleted user
The Ministry for Education and Employment embarked on the ‘I Choose’ initiative for another year, targeting all 4th & 5th formers giving students the opportunity to explore further career options as they leave compulsory education.
The overall aim of this event is to help students to overcome difficulties and doubts related to their future career paths.  As well as seek one-to-one advice from the career guidance practitioners.  Students and parents alike could opt to attend different talks delivered by professionals in various related fields.
MIA was present as the official voice and guardian of the accountancy and finance profession.  Apart from exhibiting to network and inform students on the alternative study routes, committee members discussed the diverse career opportunities, personal development and job security the profession offers during an interactive and informative panel discussion.
Jean Paul Debono, Chairman of the Young Group, the SMP Advisory Group and Direct Tax Committee moderated the talk.   The contributors included Zak Cachia who sits on the Young members Group, SMP Advisory Group & Indirect Taxation Committee, Steve Mamo a member of the Young Group, Noel Camilleri, member of the PAIB Advisory Group & AML Committee as well as Daniel Brincat, who sits on the Young Group. 


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