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Donating Smiles: Institute raises €7300 for Dr Klown

19 Apr 2023 14:01 | Anonymous

The Institute had the pleasure of presenting a cheque of €7300 to Dr Klown, a non-governmental organisation that has been providing clown doctor services to children at Mater Dei Hospital in Malta since 2010. This generous donation was made possible thanks to the funds raised through various events, including the Football Tournament, World Cup Predictor, and Quiz Night, as well as the generous donations from supporters and talented artists who contributed through their artworks.

Dr Klown was founded by a group of people who shared the goal of providing entertainment and humour to children in the hospital. What started as a pilot project has now evolved into a professional NGO that prides itself on delivering joy and laughter to young patients. The clown doctors of Dr Klown are volunteers who are artistically and psychologically trained to entertain children in hospital. To clown doctors, the person matters more than the illness, and even when kids are very sick, they are still kids who can benefit from some levity.

The healing power of humour has been recognised since ancient times, and international research has found real physiological and psychological benefits to patients. To provide this cheer, clown doctors might visit and stay with the children during treatment, improvising around each child's situation and interests.

The Institute's donation will allow Dr Klown to continue to bring smiles to the faces of young patients and make a positive impact on the lives of their families. These funds will go towards ensuring that the organisation can provide its services to as many children as possible, spreading joy and laughter throughout the hospital.

As we celebrate this milestone, Dr Klown is currently on the lookout for new volunteers to join their family as clown doctors. Those interested are encouraged to fill in the application form on their website and attend the Dr Klown Recruitment Day on April 29th. Volunteers must be over 18 years old and will receive training and support to ensure that they are prepared to provide the best possible experience to young patients.

In conclusion, the work of Dr Klown is an important reminder that even in the most difficult times, a smile and a bit of laughter can make all the difference. We urge everyone to consider volunteering their time and support this wonderful organisation that spreads joy and laughter to children in hospital and their loved ones!

Those interested in donating can do so on Dr Klown’s website.


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