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Supporting Dr Klown in delivering a dose of smiles and laughter

17 Nov 2022 14:30 | Anonymous

As the popular saying suggests laughter is the best medicine but smiling becomes rare for children in hospitals. Defined as magicians of the soul, clown doctors have been spreading doses of fun and laughter throughout the local hospitals for the past eleven years, working to lift the morale of sick children.

Klown Doctors collaborate with medical professionals to distract children’s painful procedures, calm and distract in an emergency, encourage and help during occupational therapy and physical therapy, and generally enhance the quality of life for some of the most vulnerable members of our community—ill and injured children.

Really and truly, Klown Doctors are not physicians by professions but have to be excellent performers, with any object, device or toy that is found in a patient’s room that can be transformed and used as a tool to clown with. This all comes together with a dose of some imagination or magic. And last but not least the signature red nose worn by every Klown Doctor, sending the important message to each young patient that: Here comes FUN!

Dr Klown’s voluntary team has been in Malta for 11 years, with the first group of 6 Klown Doctors now growing to 40 active volunteers, of which 25 are Klown Doctors from all walks of life and ages ranging between 21 and 72. These laughter professionals spread smiles in Mater Dei Hospital, the Oncology Centre and Gozo General Hospital visiting children several times a week.

Newly-engaged Klown Doctors are supported through extensive training covering artistic skills, specific hospital clown skills and psychological skills and is spread over a full year before the Klown actually enter the wards under the guidance of experienced Klown Doctors. These Klowns continuously improve their skills by attending ongoing and annual training sessions, led by professional hospital clown trainers from abroad; they are coached on-the-job by local trainers.

The Malta Institute of Accountants is deeply appreciative of the beautiful role played by this community to bring joy and happiness among sick children. For this reason, we are very happy, as part of our corporate social responsibility to provide it with our support. Earlier this year, proceeds from a one-day football tournament hosted by the Institute were shared for this wonderful cause. Klown Doctors are volunteers, but training, preparation, costumes and props all cost money. Thus, every little bit of assistance makes a difference. Help bring a smile on a face with your support.

You can Donate a Smile by making a Donation by:

Cheque addressed to: Dr. Klown
Posted to: Marketing Team, The Malta Institute of Accountants, Suite 4, Level 1, Tower Business Centre, Tower Street, Swatar BKR 4013

Bank Transfer Account Name: The Malta Institute of Accountants
Account Number: 16600541018
Bank: Name Bank of Valletta PLC
IBAN: MT27VALL22013000000016600541018
Description: Dr Klown Donation


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