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Responsibility towards profession and community highlighted as over 200 accountants join Malta Institute of Accountants

28 Oct 2022 10:23 | Malta Institute of Accountants (Administrator)

The Malta Institute of Accountants has opened its door to over 200 accountants as new members following successful completion of their studies through the University of Malta and the ACCA throughout the previous academic year.

In a formal ceremony held at the Mediterranean Conference Centre in Valletta, MIA President David Delicata highlighted the virtues of ethics and integrity as mainstays of the accountancy profession, reminding new members of the responsibility their role brings towards the rest of society. He described the recent decision by the FATF to remove Malta from its grey-list as a departure point, appealing to fresh graduates to remain loyal to these values as they join the professional world. Mr Delicata also called on new members to embrace life-long learning as a means to enhance their budding career.

MIA CEO Maria Cauchi Delia congratulated the new members for the motivation, endurance and patience shown in reaching this milestone. She described the Malta Institute of Accountants as “the only recognised professional accountancy organisation in Malta, which based on its members’ feedback, makes its voice heard on matters of key strategic importance to the profession.” The new members were informed that through the Malta Institute of Accountants, they had a platform which could be used to meet other professional accountants and exchange knowledge and experience whilst being supported throughout their professional career”. She urged students to rally their emotional intelligence and empathy throughout their professional life, while urging them to take an active role in the Institute particularly through the Young Members focus group. Ms Cauchi Delia also thanked the ACCA and University of Malta with whom the MIA maintains excellent and healthy relations.

The Institute recognised the achievement of the top University of Malta graduate and ACCA affiliates in the presence of Prof Emaunel Said, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Accountancy at the University of Malta and Mr Thomas Galea, International Assembly Representative of ACCA.

Prof Said appealed to fresh graduates to adopt a positive attitude towards their professional lives, suggesting that “while skills can be learnt over time, it is attitude that will make or break”. He also called on professionals that while seeking profit and wealth is a justifiable objective, this should never be at the expense of well-being.

Mr Galea reminded new members that this acheivement will bring additional responsibilities, calling on them to always seek to do what is right. “We have a responsibility towards the community and the profession to do the right thing”, Mr Galea added. He also called on new members to seek to make new experiences, highlighting the role this has in nurturing careers and taking professionals further in their career.

During the ceremony, five graduates were recognised for distinguishing themselves in their studies. These were Francesca Vassallo (1st in Malta Overall Performance September 2021 MIA-ACCA Top Affiliate), Kylie Cutajar (1st in Malta Overall Performance December 2021 MIA-ACCA Top Affiliate), Maria Sciberras (1st in Malta Overall Performance March 2022 MIA-ACCA Top Affiliate and 2nd worldwide in the strategic professional exams) and Daniela Mallia (1st in Malta Overall Performance June 2022 MIA-ACCA Top Affiliate). Jodie Vassallo received the award for the Best University of Malta Accountancy Student 2021.

As the Institute continuously encourages professionals to be active in society beyond their professional role, two other members of the Institute, Cinzia Fenech and Nicholas Ferry were honoured with their Kevin Mahoney award for their voluntary contribution towards the needs of the more vulnerable members of society.


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