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Conflict Management in the Workplace

10 Oct 2022 10:30 | Anonymous

As the business environment becomes more challenging and uncertain, it is very likely that this translates in heightened conflict at the workplace. The ability to deal with conflict therefore takes on increasing importance. Workplace conflict can trigger negative consequences affecting relationships, which will lead to a serious loss of time and energy, when not addressed in a competent manner.

In essence, unmanaged conflict will ultimately result in costs to the individual and costs to the organisation. Accountancy and financial services professionals would be better off by investing in improved skills which will help them understand conflict, consider the possible management styles and options concerning the matter, evaluate how to prevent conflict and ultimately resolve it.

This session will enable participants to reduce anxiety and frustration about conflict amongst co-workers and avoiding conflict whilst not allowing tension and resentment to fester. In order to do so, participants will be encouraged to use differences of opinion and conflicts constructively, leading to growth and creativity, while using proven strategies and powerful communication skills to prevent and manage conflict.

While several theories on the subject matter exist, ultimately every person will adopt his or her personal conflict management style. It is therefore imperative to understand ourselves and our approach to the issue before seeking to take action. This will in turn improve our reaction to issues and guide our approach to conflict resolution conversations.

Furthermore, the session will help participants learn how to get to the root cause of conflicts and prevent conflicts from re-occurring.

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