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MFSA Warning - Unlicensed VFA companies

8 Jan 2021 10:22 | Anonymous
Reference is made to the Transitory Period allowed in terms of Article 62 of the Virtual Financial Assets (“VFA”) Act (“the Act”), which came to an end on 31 October 2019, wherein entities were allowed to provide VFA services. Following the expiry of the transitory period, entities operating under the transitory provisions had the below options:
  1. If they wished to continue providing VFA services, they were required to submit to the Malta Financial Services Authority (“MFSA”) a Letter of Intent to initiate the application process for a VFA Services Licence; or
  2. If they did not want to continue providing VFA services, they were required to submit a cessation of activities notification to the MFSA in terms of Section 3 of the Circular to Virtual Financial Asset Service Providers.
Following the expiry of the transitory period, the MFSA is aware of a number of entities which have availed themselves of the transitory provisions, thus were providing VFA services, but have failed to submit either the Letter of Intent to initiate the application process for a VFA Services Licence or a cessation of activities notification.
The Authority would like to inform the public in Malta and abroad, that the entities listed below are NOT licensed NOR authorised by the MFSA to provide any VFA services or other financial services nor have they initiated the application process to obtain a VFA services licence:
A Bit More Limited
Babylon Services Limited             
Basetrade Limited
Bayleaf Limited 
Billions X Trading Limited
BitRoyal Limited
Bitstraq Exchange Limited           
Botwallet Limited
BKX Exchange Limited    
BKX Vault Limited
Blockchain Exchange Limited      
BTSE Limited                     
Cbanx Limited
Chain Partners (Malta) Co. Ltd.  
Coin Temple Trading Limited      
Consensus Technology Malta Limited     
Crypto2Finance Ltd        
DAX Malta Ltd   
DES CT Exchange Limited
Digital Terminal Limited
DQR-OTC Limited            
DQR-X Limited  
Etelaranta (Malta) Limited           
Eunex M Ltd.     
Exscudo OU       
Foresight Technology Limited
GL4 Financial Technologies Limited         
Graviex Limited W
GSOC Limited
HPX Limited
Hybrid Trade Limited
Hyperwallet Limited
Jikji Capital Limited
Krypital Group (Malta) Limited
Kyon Limited
Laser Capital Limited
Mandala Exchange Limited
Manticore Ventures Limited
Muse Service Limited
Odin Capital Limited
OK.NET Limited
OneZero Binary Limited
OTC Desk Limited
Palladium Exchange
SP Outsourcing Sp. Z o. o.
SRG Crypto Exchange Limited
Thex Trade Company Ltd
TimeX Limited
Trendntrade TNT Limited
Tsalgood Limited
VBX Limited
Venture Miles (Malta) Limited
WeX Blockchain Limited
Won Limited
Zipmex Global Pte. Ltd.


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