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M24035 - Fortifying Financial Fortunes: A Deep Dive into Cybersecurity for Accountants (Online)

  • 2 May 2024
  • 13:30 - 16:45
  • Online Webinar


Registration Time: 13:15

Sessions Time: 13:30 - 16:45  including a 15-minute break
Speaker: Mr Keith Cutajar

Venue:   Online Webinar
Participation Fees (The Institute is now accepting payments via Paypal)
MIA Members: €40.00
Non-MIA Members: €75.00
Retired Members: €20.00
Students: €30.00

*Group bookings for 3 or more participants available.


In this three-hour lecture tailored for accountants, participants delve into the critical realm of cybersecurity. Beginning with an overview of emerging cyber threats targeting financial data, attendees gain insight into the evolving landscape of digital risks. Through case studies and real-world examples, the session highlights the potential consequences of cyber breaches on financial integrity and client trust. Practical strategies for safeguarding sensitive information, including encryption protocols and multi-factor authentication, are explored in depth. Furthermore, participants engage in interactive discussions on risk assessment methodologies and incident response protocols, equipping them with the knowledge to fortify financial systems against cyber threats.


I. Introduction to Cybersecurity in Finance
   - Overview of cyber threats facing the financial sector (e.g., phishing attacks, ransomware)
   - Importance of cybersecurity for maintaining financial data integrity and client trust
   - Regulatory landscape and compliance requirements for financial institutions

II. Real-World Examples and Case Studies
   - Analysis of recent cyber breaches in financial institutions
   - Case studies illustrating the financial and reputational damage caused by cyber attacks
   - Examination of common vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals in the financial sector

III. Strategies for Safeguarding Financial Data
   - Explanation of encryption techniques for securing financial transactions and data storage
   - Implementation of multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access
   - Best practices for securely transmitting and storing sensitive financial information

IV. Risk Assessment Methodologies
   - Introduction to risk assessment frameworks such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework or ISO 27001
   - Identification of key assets and potential threats to financial data
   - Risk prioritization and mitigation strategies tailored for financial institutions

V. Incident Response and Recovery
   - Development of an incident response plan outlining roles, responsibilities, and communication protocols
   - Steps for containing and mitigating the impact of a cyber attack on financial operations
   - Strategies for restoring systems and data following a cybersecurity incident

VI. Regulatory Compliance and Legal Considerations
   - Compliance strategies for meeting data protection and privacy standards
   - Legal implications of cybersecurity incidents and data breaches in the financial sector

VII. Q&A and Interactive Discussion
   - Open forum for participants to ask questions and share experiences related to cybersecurity in finance
   - Discussion on practical challenges and solutions for implementing cybersecurity measures
   - Exchange of best practices and recommendations among participants

VIII. Conclusion and Key Takeaways
   - Summary of key concepts covered in the session
   - Actionable steps for accountants and financial professionals to enhance cybersecurity practices
   - Resources for further learning and staying updated on cybersecurity trends in the financial sector

Why is the session of relevance to our members?
The session addresses cybersecurity issues specifically tailored to the needs and challenges faced by accountants and financial professionals. Whether a member of the organization or not, attendees will gain valuable insights applicable to their roles in safeguarding financial data and maintaining regulatory compliance.
Delivered by a technical trainer with more than 10 years direct experience in providing advice on cyber security as well as handling cyber incidents, primarily through Court Expert appointments, attendees will have the opportunity to get their personal security queries answered directly during the session via practical examples.

    Target Audience

    The typical audience for this cybersecurity lecture tailored for accountants would likely include professionals working in accounting firms, financial institutions, or corporate finance departments. These individuals may hold various roles such as certified public accountants (CPAs), auditors, financial analysts, controllers, or CFOs. 

    Speaker's Profile

    Keith Cutajar is a specialist in Cyber-Security, Cybercrime, Digital Forensics and Cyber-Terrorism. He has worked on a variety of assignments over the years, while employed, and as a consultant in his personal capacity. Keith has read for a BSc(Hons) in IT at the University of Malta and an MSc in Information Security at the Royal Holloway College(University of London), with his dissertation titled as "A pro-active approach towards Cyber-Terrorism: Defining a policy document to assist decision-makers". He is also a Court Expert in Digital Forensics, Cybercrime and Cyber-Terrorism at the Courts of Law in Malta as well as a frequent speaker at a number of presentations and training sessions in various prominent cyber-security conferences and training sessions at institutions both in Malta and abroad.

    Keith is the founder of CY4 Ltd, an-industry leading cyber forensics company with experience in digital forensics specialising in Corporate Forensic Investigations, criminal defence investigations and family law. Our experts provide trusted expertise to reduce business risk. We assist profuse organisations from law firms and regulatory authorities to corporate businesses, SMEs and private clients. He is also a Director at QuickFix Ltd and founder of OYA Security Ltd.


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