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M23093 - Wellbeing at Work (Online)

  • 24 Nov 2023
  • 09:15 - 12:30
  • Online Webinar


Registration is closed
Registration Time: 09:00
Sessions Time: 09:15 - 12:30  including a 15-minute break
Speaker: Dr Natalie Kenely
  Online Webinar

Participation Fees (The Institute is now accepting payments via Paypal)
MIA Members: €40.00
Non-MIA Members: €75.00
Retired Members: €20.00
Students: €30.00

*Group bookings for 3 or more participants available.


“People can experience distress as a result of workplace issues including high workloads, project failures, demanding clients, difficult colleagues, feelings of uncertainty and so on. But life also throws up challenges such as illness, grief or calamities such as terrorism, natural disasters or pandemics” (ACCA 2020). And we can safely say that burnout has become one of the most talked-about workplace topics, and its impact is far-reaching (Davis, 2021).
New research shows that almost two thirds of employees say their well-being either worsened or stayed the same last year, yet about 75% of workplace leaders believe their workforce's well-being improved. That's a huge disconnect that needs to be explored and understood. Preventing burnout and ensuring wellbeing in the workplace can no longer be considered as an individual-only endeavour, but needs a systems-based holistic approach. This enables teams to develop resilience and thrive.

Objectives of this session

  • To provide an overview of the burnout pandemic.
  • To explore a holistic approach to burnout prevention and wellbeing at work.
  • To underscore the power of teams in the prevention of burnout.
  • To provide strategies for enabling team success

Target Audience

Members and non-members of the Malta Institute of Accountants – accountants, members or managing partners of firms, directors, managers, and anyone interested in the areas being covered by this Session.

Why should members attend this cpe event?

Research continues to show that when employees feel that their work is meaningful, and when they know they are valued and supported, their wellbeing is higher and their sense of commitment to the organisation’s goals and objectives is stronger. Therefore organisations and firms depend on having a healthy and productive workforce, since this results in better and more effective performance across the board. Attendees to this session will explore ways in which to ensure this wellbeing in the workplace, whichever role in the organisation they occupy. Promoting wellbeing in the workplace is important for employees, their employers, society and the economy.

Speaker's Profile

Dr Natalie Kenely is a Resident Senior Lecturer within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing, University of Maltta. She was Head of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work between 2016 and 2020. She participated as panel member and keynote speaker on a number of conferences organized by the MIA. She has also delivered various CPE workshops to MIA. Her expertise includes management, leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience and self-care.
Dr Kenely has presented her research in conferences both locally and abroad and was awarded Best Paper Award in an International Conference on Leadership held at Ashbridge Business School in London in 2013.


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