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M23034 - Client Connect: Improving Communication Skills for Accountants and Financial Advisors (Online)

  • 4 May 2023
  • 09:15 - 12:30
  • Online Webinar


Registration is closed
Registration Time: 09:00
Sessions Time: 09:15 - 12:30  including a 15-minute break
Speaker: Ms Greta Rapinett
Venue:   Online Webinar
Participation Fees (The Institute is now accepting payments via Paypal)
MIA Members: €40.00
Non-MIA Members: €75.00
Retired Members: €20.00
Students: €30.00

*Group bookings for 3 or more participants available.


Too often the relationship between accountants/financial advisors etc can be transactional in nature, which results amongst other things on tendency to focus on short-term goals. Focussing on long-term gains means establishing rapport with your clients, in a way that impacts the experience they have when dealing with your organisation. Establishing a long-term relationship with clients increases the likelihood that they will continue to use your services in the future. This can result in repeat business. Another vital aspect of developing long-term relationships is the ability to gain a deeper understanding of your clients’ business operations, financials, and specific needs. This allows you to provide more targeted and effective services. Finally, you as a professional will gain enhanced credibility and trust in your abilities as an accountant or auditor.

Specific topics to be covered during the session

  • Understand the essentials of relationship management for different clients.
  • Learn how to receive and give feedback based on active listening.
  • Features vs Benefits – understand the difference and which matters most to clients.
  • What is ‘mirroring’ and how this increases connection abilities to your clients (using body language/eye contact/mannerisms)

Why is the session of relevance to our members?

This session will provide understanding of the important elements of communication through listening and feedback models. It will also help the audience empathise with their clients and learn how to build a level of trust which goes beyond that which is naturally assigned to financial experts. More importantly, participants will learn some techniques on how to ‘read’ their clients to ensure that the relationship is not a cold transactional one. Overall, the aim is to make financial experts/accountants/auditors more ‘human’ in the eyes of their customers, to elongate the customer life-cycle and be more profitable in the long run. Of paramount importance is the how increasing the relational aspect of their interactions, financial experts increase their credibility and trust. This also increases up-selling opportunities.

Target Audience

Accountants who engage with clients frequently; Investment managers; insurance specialists; financial advisors

Speaker's Profile

My professional story spans over 20+ years of experiences in marketing, finance and commercial customer-facing roles in the Airline, Telecoms and Consulting industry.
I have focussed mainly on driving customer strategies, through the development of people and processes for financial and commercial teams. My recipe is a simple one really; one part positivity and charisma and one part fostering meaningful relationships.
I design and deliver customised Customer Service & Experience Excellence training programs for different industries to fit specific business and team objectives. The goal is to activate the right skills to increase employee confidence and drive customer engagement and loyalty. My industry and training experience give me the required edge to help teams achieve what they need from my training experience.
Because sometimes academics matter, I am an MBA graduate from the University of Leicester and a certified CX (Customer Experience) professional with the CX Academy in Ireland


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