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M23002 - An Effective Business Plan – It is not just about the Financials - 2 Day Package (Online)

  • 18 Apr 2023
  • 13:30
  • 20 Apr 2023
  • 15:30
  • Online Webinar


Registration Time: 13:15
Sessions Time: 13:30 - 15:30
Speaker: Mr Silvan Mifsud
Venue: Online Webinar
Participation Fees (The Institute is now accepting payments via Paypal)
MIA Members: €50.00
Non-MIA Members: €90.00
Retired Members: €25.00
Students: €35.00

BackgrounD information

Business Plans need to be a coherent document. The analysis of the business at its present status, its strategic direction and any change management or transformation need to follow a logical flow.
This course will go through the building blocks of a Business Plan and how these building blocks needs to be linked to build a coherent analysis and strategic direction. The financials in the Business Plan also need to fit in within the other building blocks.
The aim of the course is to give you the tools to first build a coherent Business plan and then implement that Business Plan, rather than allow it be a document to be shelved.

Topics on the agenda

1. What is a Business Plan?
2. Why do a Business Plan
3. A very detailed overview of a Business Plan

Topics on the agenda 

1. Dealing with the implementation of the Business Plan - Business Transformation
2. Managing Change
3. To implement a Business Plan - need Leadership, Teamwork and Communication

Why is the session of relevance to our members?

Many times, the inherent main weakness of a Business Plan is that it is not an extensive & coherent document and hence many things shown in the financial forecasts are not tied up with any previous analysis on the business and its strategic direction. These sessions are intended to overcome this weakness and to make sure that Business Plans are extensive, detailed and most of all coherent strategic documents

Target Audience

Anyone involved in drawing up Business Plans should be interested in these sessions. This includes Business Owners, Business Managers, Company Directors, Financial Controllers and Outsourced Accountants.

    Speaker's Profile

    Silvan holds a degree in Banking & Finance from the University of Malta and an MBA from the University of Reading, specialising in Corporate Finance and Business Leadership. Silvan has been involved in various sectors of the economy holding various managerial and Director roles. Silvan is presently working as a Director for Advisory Services at EMCS.


    4  Hours Professional


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