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ACCA SEPTEMBER exam session

This information is for students subscribed under the MIA/ACCA Joint Scheme who will be sitting for exams in the September session.

    31st August, 2020
    With your September 2020 exams approaching soon, we know that you are keen to continue to make progress with your exams, but also may feel worried about what will your experience of sitting the exams be like given the current conditions imposed by Covid-19 global pandemic.
    Our key priority is to ensure the health and safety of our students and we’re liaising with ACCA to ensure that exam centres operate safely.
    Further to previous updates on the precautionary measures, a number of students have been in touch with us and ACCA to ask for further clarifications specific to the Malta exam centre. Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions can be found below:
    • It is stated that masks should be worn throughout the exam. Would the same guidelines apply if the guidelines for running the exams in Malta state that face masks or visors are to be worn by students when entering and exiting the exam venue but only optional for the duration of the exam?
      You will be required to wear the mask at the exam venue – on your arrival, during the examination and until you leave the venue. This measure is deemed necessary to ensure safety and wellbeing of all students and staff at the venue.
    • Information from ACCA provided to students suggests ‘gloves may be worn’. Can you confirm if the use of gloves will be mandated in Malta?
      This will not be mandatory, unless included in the list of latest requirements stipulated by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health in Malta (applicable on the day of the exam).
    • Will the latest government guidelines relating to the necessary physical distancing be followed?
      Yes, the latest advice given by Office of the Superintendent of Public Health in Malta will be strictly followed.
    • What will be the arrangements at my exam centre in Malta, to abide to the specific guidelines relating to distancing as stipulated by the local governments?
      In Malta, the latest advice given by Office of the Superintendent of Public Health in Malta will be followed. Please click here for further information.
      All exam venues will be cleaned thoroughly before and between sessions.
    • What should I do if I cannot attend the exam, due to medical reasons, including Covid-19?
      Please click here for ACCA’s list of frequently asked questions, relating to September 2020 exams, under ‘what if I’m unable to attend the September exam?’
    • Will I be required to provide my personal information?
      As required by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Health in Malta (as applicable on the day of the exam), each student’s name, mobile number, and identification number has to be provided to facilitate contract tracing (if needed).
    The information provided is correct at the time of this update, however, the external factors relating to Covid-19 may dictate further change to these conditions, due to changes to local conditions or government guidelines at very short notice.
    26th August, 2020:
    In preparation for the ACCA September exam session and following the guidelines issued by ACCA which can be found here, we would like to reassure you that the measures which will be imposed by the invigilators during your exam will be in accordance to the Maltese government’s COVID-19 guidelines at the time of your exam. Although you may take personal precautions, such as carrying your own sanitiser or wearing gloves, you will only be asked to follow local regulations which are imposed at the time.
    If there are any changes in the situation prior to the exam session, you will be sent an update via email. Please ensure you check the emails for the email address recorded on your ACCA and MIA accounts frequently for any updates.
    You may access the relevant FAQs which will be shortly updated with further information in line with your questions.



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