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Supporting those in need

Save & Support Trust was established on 4th October 2016 and became registered as a Voluntary Organisation on 15th October 2019 with the number VO1436. The Trust's primary objective is to aid worthy causes by providing financial support to individuals and organisations that serve vulnerable people within the local community. 

Over the years, Save & Support Trust has financially supported numerous programs and initiatives run by various organisations. Some of the organisations that have received financial support from the Trust include Caritas Malta, The Millennium Chapel, Cystic Fibrosis, Hospice Malta, Puttinu Cares, Prison Fellowship, St. Peter's Foundation, Beating Hearts, Muscular Dystrophy, and Ursuline Sisters. By providing financial assistance to these organisations, Save & Support Trust has demonstrated its commitment to promoting the well-being of vulnerable individuals within the local community.

Beating Hearts Malta (BHM) is an independent non-profit making organisation with the aim to provide support and encouragement for all adults and children with Congenital Hearts Defects (CHD) and their loved ones, as well as, to promote awareness and educate social care professionals, employers, insurers and the general public about the existence and the needs of people with CHD.

Fundraising is fundamental to further their cause. Funds are used for the purchase or co-funding of new and more sophisticated equipment for the Cardiac Lab at Mater Dei. Since 2019 a yearly budget was allocated to a number of bursaries for medical staff to attend specialised training or conferences related to CHD. BHM also donated €25,000 to the RIDT (the Research Department of the University of Malta) which was used to fund a PHD in the field of Cardiology, more specifically Congenital heart disease. 

The below paintings are available when donating to Save & Support Trust, and Beating Hearts Malta. The amount indicated below each painting is indicative of the value of the painting, and not a fixed price.

1. Vie

Patrick Scicluna

Acyrlics on canvas
50 x 50cm


5. Dreaming of you

Keith Ellul

50 x 50cm


9. Red Water Cistern

Lucienne Spiteri

Photo printed on art paper
55 x 39.33cm


13. Belt

Beppe Antignolo

Watercolour on Arches Paper
56 x 26cm


17. Dwejra Bay

Nicola Diacono

40 x 40cm


21. Montmartre - The Artist's palette

Stephanie Mizzi

Canvas with natural wood framing
60 x 75cm


25. Ballerina